Bits to Atoms is an international Architecture office led by Guillaume Crédoz. Its practice is based on a unique creative agility, backed by 20 years of experience, to provide adequate strategies for beautiful built solutions.
We produce meaningful buildings, that we design to the detail. A notable particularity of our practice is the intensive use of scale models fabricated in our lab, from early massing tests to 1/1 mock up of construction systems.

We have set our practice to be targeting innovative solutions, so, in order to propose original designs, we keep a high pace of research and creation within the core of our practice. Our researches cover the fields of digital fabrication, robotic, material research. Our FabLab is equipped for ceramic, metal, wood and plastics.

Our large industrial FabLab is mainly the fabrication arm for the architecture workshop, but we often directly manufacture and install architectural elements for the projects we create for our Clients. We fabricate our own designs with our research activities. Our fabrication activities span from electronic devices (Smarkee), robots (TheObsessiveDrafter), machines (BigVoxel), furnitures, prefabricated homes (Ubic) and large, digitally fabricated, architectural elements of facades.

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Mkalles Industrial Area Road 404, Sector 2
Beirut, Lebanon

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